Police looking for escaped from the car of Ephraim passenger

In the car of Michael Ephraim, according to witnesses, was a passenger. It is necessary to find, identify, and ask why he allowed the actor to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. This statement was made on air of TV channel “Russia 1” the chief of service of production of legal programs of the deep “Lead” the combined management of information programs VGTRK Eduard Petrov, commenting on the arrest of Ephraim after a terrible accident.

“Mikhail Yefremov in the body had two glasses of vodka and no one stopped him! All this time the police have long led the negotiations with him. Just had to take him by the collar, to deliver to the investigation Department and interrogated. Been waiting for this for people, because the law is the same for all: got drunk, made a traffic accident, the answer according to the law!” — outraged journalist.

According to Petrov, now Ephraim was taken to the investigation Department of the police Department of Central district of Moscow, where he began investigative actions, even though they were supposed to begin at 11 a.m., when employees of the patrol service was given a summons for questioning. But the actor refused to go to the police and all the time arranged stage performances. As described by the witnesses, he fainted, when she came in the ambulance.

“the idea is that Ephraim was to leave the police Department and not at 4 a.m. to smuggle to friends, not having made investigation with him. Had to wait until he wakes up and question with the participation of all witnesses of the events. This is the main mistake of our entire law enforcement system. We need not specially to hide. This was done intentionally,” — said the journalist.

Eduard Petrov spoke with two witnesses to the accident. Two girls claim that Yefremov was not in the car alone. According to them, was the passenger who jumped out of the car and ran away. “The CCTV cameras you can set the identity of that person. Morally, not legally, he is an accomplice. He didn’t stop Ephraim, took his keys from machines and, most importantly, he was traveling with the actor in a state of alcoholic intoxication,” — said Petrov.

the Journalist believes that police officers from the Investigative police Department of Central district of Moscow need to conduct official investigation and find out why Efremov was not questioned.

“And, most importantly, if the actor was insane, why wasn’t he left in the police Department this morning and have not had a repeat medical examination and interrogation. People should know that the law is for all!”, — said Petrov.

the Control in the case of Michael Ephraim is necessary in order to prevent pressure on the investigation. This opinion was expressed by Vice-speaker of the Russian state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy, the TV channel “Russia 1”, commenting on the statement of the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, who instructed the security Committee to take control of the investigation.

According to Tolstoy, the situation around the resonant road accident with participation of the famous artist turned out a tragic and heavy. In his opinion, Mikhail Efremov fault in this terrible accident.

“Tragedy and misfortune associated with what happened to Michael. How he gave his talent to evil and Vice? And why it became part of his lifestyle? — asked Fat.

the MP expressed his condolences and support to both affected families of the deceased and the perpetrator Sergey Zakharov Mikhail Efremov.

“I’m sorry and of the children of Ephraim, they are not responsible for the actions of his father. Now they whole life to live with it if he goes for 12 years,” said Colon.

Vice-speaker of the state Duma also said that in Russia one law for all. “No it can’t bail” — he said. Recently the state Duma has toughened penalties for drunken perpetrators of accidents with the presence of the victim. “This is the punishment to 12 years imprisonment,” said Peter Tolstoy.

first you need to figure out whether there are mitigating circumstances in the case is tolien to establish the court. Tolstoy hopes that in this case all on the contrary.