Police rescued the unfortunate robber who jumped into an ice hole

the 20-year-old local resident was rescued by the staff of Regardie. All occurred on the night of January 14. The building velikoustyugskaya library the alarm went off. Arrived at the scene resguardar. They found that unknown persons broke several Windows on the first floor. The police began to look for a bully; on the next street, they noticed a suspicious young man.

Seeing asguardian, the guy started to run. Turning towards the river, he jumped into the hole and tried to swim away. Employees of Regardie pulled a fugitive from the icy water, took off his wet clothes and put in the patrol car. Later, reports GTRK “Vologda”, rowdy told about the reasons of their behavior.

the fact that earlier he was detained by the police for being in a public place in a drunken state. The young man is angered, and he decided to take revenge and began to smash Windows in buildings. The decision to jump in the water came spontaneously. That his act could end in tragedy, Ustyuzhanin not even thinking. As reports a press-service of regional management of Regardie, the offender gave to the police for further investigation.

Text: GTRK “Vologda”