Police seized the Dagestani little lion cub and a monkey with a suspected stroke

In the Volgograd region the police rescued from disaster four month old cub and spot-nosed monkey, which illegally transported in your car, the resident of Dagestan.

it is reported, on Thursday, January 23, law enforcement officers stopped the car in the cabin where they found two cages with animals. The driver failed to provide documents confirming the right of ownership of “passengers” and the legality of their transportation.

the Owner explained that transporting the animals from the Moscow circus on the territory of Dagestan. Already in the police Department he presented copies of papers that, in his opinion, was to confirm the validity of what is happening.

They raised doubts about the guards, began a procedural check on signs of crime under article “Illegal production and trafficking of especially valuable wild animals and aquatic biological resources belonging to the species listed in the Red book.”

it is Noted that the cub feels good, and age the monkey suffered a hard journey specialists suspect that she could suffer a stroke.

currently, the animals are transferred to city veterinary clinic, where they provided skilled nursing care. The further fate of the monkey and the cub is not yet defined.