Police shot and killed a Bulgarian, broke from the Istanbul cafe with a knife in his hand. Video

In the Internet appeared the footage depicting the final part of the confrontation that unfolded on the evening of Friday, January 17, in Istanbul.

it is reported that 33-year-old Bulgarian Milen of Bahchevanov armed with a knife appeared in one of the cafe in the bayrampasa district of Istanbul. The man behaved aggressively, trashed the interior and tried to take hostages, but staff and visitors are safely evacuated.

the Turkish emergency services arrived at the scene of an emergency, blocked the building and tried to persuade the attacker to surrender, but the man refused to surrender. Firefighters attempted to defuse Bahchevanova with a blast of a fire hose, this attempt did not lead to the desired result.

In the end, the police man, still holding the knife in his hand, started moving towards the police. The guards opened fire on defeat, having made more than two dozen shots.

the Bulgarian was seriously wounded and died from blood loss on the way to the hospital. The motives of the perpetrator yet installed.