Popov hopes that the new season theatres will begin with the audience

Organization of the output of cultural institutions of the period non-working days is a priority for the CPS. About this informed the head of the Department Anna Popova on Vladimir Putin’s meeting with culture figures. Meeting in the videoconference, the President of Russia holds a Day of the Russian language.

the Task of getting cultural institutions of the period non-working days entered for coronavirus COVID-19, Popova called very important, adding that in the CPS, this task is understood not only as doctors but as people completely indifferent to art. The Agency is currently working to draft recommendations on the organization of theaters — while there are consultations with the practitioners of theatre in different directions.

In the near future Popova looks forward to the completion of all consultations, after which these guidelines will be issued.

“We hope that the new theater season, we can start with the audience in the theater,” she said.

the Head of state, for his part, expressed hope for more rapid publication of CPS recommendations for open theatres, after which these cultural institutions will be able to resume work.

“We all really want to work”, — said at the meeting with the President of one of its members — the Director of Omsk regional theatre for children and young people Mikhail Maltsev.

the President also asked Anna Popova without excessive bureaucracy in the preparation of recommendations for the opening of cultural institutions. At the forefront, he said, of course should be the principle of absolute priority of health and life of Russians.

“the Only thing we all ask that there be no excessive zabyurokracheno when making these decisions, so we proceeded from the realities of today and possible future development of the situation in a positive scenario,” Putin said, naming as an example the resumption of training of Russian athletes.

According to Anna Popova, the CPS hope for the future the positive development of the situation with coronavirus infection in Russia. This is possible “only with the full and perfect fulfillment of all current requirements of all of our citizens,” she added.

At the meeting, Vladimir Putin among others stated the need to include culture in the national recovery plan of the economy and the social sphere. The country returns to normal, the President said, the national plan is being finalized, and it must take into account the activities of cultural institutions.

the Broadcast of Vladimir Putin’s meeting with culture figures led TV channel “Russia 24” and the website Вести.Ru.