Kara Eaker (an alternate on the United States women’s gymnastics team) has been tested positive for COVID-19 at an Olympic training camp held in Japan.

Al Fong, who is the personal coach of Eaker as well as Leanne Wong, confirmed that the test was positive in an email to The Associated Press Monday. According to the coach, Eaker (18) was vaccinated against novel coronavirus two month ago.

Wong and Eaker were placed in isolation.

USA Gymnastics didn’t identify Wong or Eaker, but stated in a statement that Wong and the athlete who had tested positive would be subjected to additional quarantine restrictions.

The organization released a statement saying that the Olympic athletes had moved to separate accommodation and a separate training facility as planned. They will continue preparations for the Games. “The entire delegation will continue to be vigilant and will follow strict protocols while in Tokyo.”

This positive result was the latest in a growing line of daily reports from athletes who tested positive at the delayed, pandemic-delayed Olympics. Eaker is the American who has been positive.

The U.S. Olympic Committee stated in a statement that the athlete was transferred to a quarantine facility in accordance with local protocols. They also cited privacy concerns about not identifying the person.

Four alternates — Eaker Wong, Kayla Dello, Kayla DiCello, and Emma Malabuyo – traveled to Japan along the six-woman U.S. team of Simone Biles and Jordan Chiles, Grace McCallum and Sunisa Lee.

Eaker had received a false positive over the weekend, which led to the positive test. Eaker then took another test, which was negative, before testing positive multiple times.

Karla Grimes, who works in GAGE Center in Kansas City, Missouri suburbs where Eaker trains said that Kara is doing well and had no symptoms. She is strong and brave. This is a disappointing result for her but she wants everyone to know that she is okay.

Biles, the world champion, has been vaccinated along with the rest of the regular team. Skinner, who was selected for the team in the “plus one spot”, meaning that she can compete in Tokyo as an individual, after the Olympic Trials, had to battle COVID-19 pneumonia.

Since arriving in Japan, alternates have been sharing rooms with other people. The competitive team has shared rooms with their fellow competitors. Since the positive test, all Olympic athletes and their coaches have moved into their own rooms. The Olympic athletes are also moving to a different hotel.

Tokyo declares a state emergency for the Games, meaning that almost all venues in Tokyo will be closed as new cases arise. Sunday will see the women’s gymnastic team compete.

According to the U.S. officials, the test occurred while the team was in training outside Tokyo in Inzai City. The camp was attended by over 100 people at Narita airport last week.

Monday’s report by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government reveals 727 new cases in Tokyo. This is the 30th consecutive day of cases that have been reported to be higher than the week before. Last Monday’s cases were 502.