Preliminary list: Europe is going to open the border for residents of 18 countries

Since July 1, the European Union will begin to open borders. A draft of a summary list of the 18 countries whose nationals are allowed to enter the territory of the EU, agreed on the Committee of permanent representatives of the European Union. The European Commission encouraged all EU countries to open internal borders by June 15. Now she recommended that from 1 July opening of the external borders.

Russia and the United States in the short list is not entered, reports TASS. The reason – discrepancy of epidemiological criteria. The epidemic of coronavirus COVID-19 in Russia stretches for a longer period than in Europe. This is due to the fact that the coronavirus began its March across Russia later than in the EU.

But among the countries, to which Europe is ready to throw open the borders, China, the Balkans, Japan, South Korea and Canada.

under the Schengen agreement, decisions on opening or closure of borders does not accept the EU institutions and governments of each EU country independently. But the list of third countries have to agree on, otherwise you’ll have to close the borders inside the Schengen area, if countries consider that their neighbors have open borders with epidemic represents a threat to the States.

In the world since the beginning of the epidemic of the coronavirus infected more than 9.5 million people. 488 thousand people from complications of coronavirus infection has died.

Russia accounts For 620 thousand 794 cases of infection. Coronavirus had caused the death of 8 thousand 781 patient. Recovered 284 thousand 152 people, accounting for 62 percent of all cases. Testing has shown that every fifth resident of Moscow acquired immunity to coronavirus. This is good news. The bad is that it is unknown how long this immunity lasts. Many survivors coronavirus, including severe, the immunity lasts only two or three months. Faster immune cell response forget those who have suffered a coronavirus in asymptomatic form.