Presented a working prototype contact lenses with augmented reality

American startup Mojo Vision announced the creation of a working prototype of “the world’s first true ‘smart’ contact lens”. Integrated MicroLED-display, developers say, is so tiny that is invisible to others, and the image can be seen even when a person’s eyes are closed.

the Display is placed on a rigid scleral lens which has a convex portion, which is slightly above the surface of the eye. The panel has a density of 14,000 pixels per inch (ppi), which is a record value. For comparison, the Retina screen of the Apple iPhone 11 figure 323 ppi equal. Integrated in the radio sensor device, image sensors and movement help impose and stabilize the picture.

On the tiny panel can display the augmented reality enriches the environment — for example, pointers, navigation, notifications, and results of sports matches. People with poor vision smart lens can improve sharpness, zoom object, and even to help see in the dark, said the head Mojo Vision drew Perkins.

a prototype of the smart lens was presented to the visitors of the exhibition CES 2020, which was held in Las Vegas last week. The company allowed journalists to bring the lens to the eye, but wearing it is not allowed. While the device is very “raw”, writes The Verge: demo had a green monochrome screen that was connected to an external battery and processor.

“Smart” lens is in active development — for these purposes the startup previously raised $100 million. Commercial product Mojo Vision intends to bring to market within two years. Now, the company is obtaining certificate from Management of quality supervision food and drug administration (FDA), which regulates the use of electronic devices for medical purposes.

Text: To.Hi-tech