In the centre “Amur tiger” told about the fate of the tiger, Boris, who six years ago after a course of rehabilitation was released back into the wild. The event was loud, since it was attended by even the President. What did Boris in the forest all these years?

unique footage of the Jewish Autonomous region — a tiger with its Bright offspring. This is the second brood females and tiger Boris. In the camera lens they fall rarely. Camera traps, which on tiger trails in the woods put researchers often hurt the bears. And the batteries on the collars of the predators got a couple of years ago.

Such a short video — the only way to track the life of Boris. But thanks to commercials, scientists have learned that not so long ago the Siberian tiger became the father of many children.

“Potentially, we suspect the tigress Glazovka, the penultimate graduate of 2018 brought my first kitten is also from Boris. And the famous tigress of Philip managed to make friends with him. Boris is in excellent physical condition, regularly successful hunts on ungulates. And periodically, he noted with females. Then the females appear the cubs. Given the fact that we know for certain that there are no other males, respectively, 99 percent paternity for Boris”, — says General Director of the center “Amur tiger” Sergei Aramilev.

But despite this tender, the most “serious and long-lasting relationship with Boris was with tigress Light. Future parents of six cubs released into the wild in 2014, but it happened in different parts of the territory. Predators was found, passing towards each other almost five hundred kilometers. In the forest reserve they were from the Centre for rehabilitation and reintroduction in the Primorsky Krai. But released Boris and two predators personally President Vladimir Putin.

the Successful adaptation of animals can be considered that, as they began to multiply. Firstthe first offspring of Boris and Bright appeared in 2017. But the second time the predators have become parents in January of this year.

“Tiger is known to live alone – females and males. That is, the male has fertilized the female, did their work and left their territory. Everything he then have not engaged with their offspring. Moreover, if he met the grown cubs, he might even be able to break them, as food competitors. As for females – the female also has its own hunting territory, which she also keeps. Therefore, the male for the season may mate, of course, and with several females,” explains journalist and naturalist Alexander Hoburgen.

In the wild, tigers can live up to 15-18 years. Now Boris a little less than ten. That is why scientists hope that in the coming two to three years, the predator will be able to become a father once again. The more that the boundary between the Jewish and the Amur region had recently noticed a new tigress — Helen. Will a predator for a year, and therefore, it is likely that soon it will be ready to breed.