Price fourstroke for going abroad could grow because of the pandemic

the World is gradually returning to normal life. Egypt confirmed plans to open all airports for scheduled international passenger flights from 1 July. To begin with, will open three of the resort area by the sea. Spain is waiting for tourists from countries of the Schengen area since 21 June, France opened grizy for EU residents on June 15. Open Turkey, Tunisia.

while the Russians can fly overseas for work, study, care for sick relatives. On tourism is impossible, but you might think about insurance.

most Likely those coatings that are currently operating will remain, but the question of revising the tariff policy remains open, said a representative of the working group on insurance of responsibility of tour operators VSS Julia Aleeva the TV channel Russia 1.

Much will depend on the program, the sum insured, territory, dates, age, told Alcheev. While Strahovski are likely to offer select programs with higher insurance amounts.

While there are no statistics, the cost of treatment of coronavirus abroad, but because the rates insurers will prepare individually by the beginning of the season.

Commercial insurance covers the treatment costs, regardless of how or where the contracted person. Pays the insurer who concluded the contract and whose policy from a tourist on his hands. If not ofrmit this insurance to pay for possible medical treatment to be out of pocket.

Some countries may cover the costs of quarantine — the isolation, being in a hotel. The cost of treatment of tourists to the state Park since the state is not in a hurry to take.

Singapore March once said: “Dear tourists, all treatment at the expense of commercial insurance, because the cost of treatment is very high.” The same situation America, Japan, said Alcheev. Alcheev believes that the insurance for each specific person if and grow, it is not much. In any case, until Russian strahovsICA will monitor the experience of foreign colleagues and exchange experience.