Prices in Donetsk were attractive Kiev

Comparison of food prices in supermarket in Donetsk and in shops of trading networks in Kiev was made by the blogger Mr Zolkin. A video of his researches he published in his YouTube channel.

the Number of products in the self-proclaimed DND cheaper than in the capital of Ukraine: for example, pomegranate (41,25 hryvnia per kilogram versus 46), oranges (of 29.53 hryvnia vs 37), grapefruits (25 HR vs 32). However, in Donetsk more apples Simirenko (34 hryvnia against 23), cabbage (19,25 hryvnia against 12.5).

In Donetsk significantly cheaper than potatoes (of 7.94 vs 11.5 hryvnia per kilogram), onions (7.94 hryvnia against 9,49) and pumpkin (7.94 hryvnia vs 17), but a few more garlic.

Donetsk wins also on the prices of beef, pork and chicken, also in the capital of the DNI is significantly cheaper cereals, including rice and buckwheat. The price of bread generally comparable, but the sour cream in Donetsk will be considerably higher than in Kiev.