Prices in showrooms Russia are growing in anticipation of demand

the halving of sales in Russia during the quarantine did not bother dealers: car owners did not wait for the price drop, and prices on cars in Russia since the beginning of the year to April rose by 10% on average, according to “AUTOSTAT”. Until the end of the year the prices can grow by 3-4%.

In January and April 2020, the average price of a new passenger car reached 1 688 000 rubles, estimated by “AUTOSTAT”, which is 9.7% more than in the same period of 2019.

In the market expect continuation of growth of prices. Car salesmen complain about the devaluation of the ruble (but the course has almost recovered to pre-crisis level), lower production and expected demand growth due to the fact that the citizens instead of public transport will begin to take on personal cars while there is the threat of Contracting coronavirus.

From January to mid-June, the prices of the models of Hyundai increased by 2.5%, Volkswagen — by 4-5%, Mitsubishi — 3.5%, Fiat — 5-10%, Jeep at 3-4%, Mini — 3.5%, BMW — on 3-10%, Mercedes-Benz — 3-4%. A Rolls-Royce dealer raised prices by 7% on average, the Volvo — by 3-5%, according to the dealership “Avilon”, which quotes the edition “Kommersant”.

the Main increase in prices fell on the period of easing of the quarantine restrictions after the resumed operation of the dealerships. According to “AUTOSTAT”, in June, updated price lists 18 brands. “AvtoVAZ” has increased the price of Lada Vesta CNG with bi-fuel engine of 0.2–1.5% (3 to 15 thousand rubles), in addition to the base set.

Rose model “UAZ” — “hunter”, “Patriot” and “Pickup” — by 2.7 and 3.9% (30-45 thousand rubles). Price of new Subaru models model year increased by 3.4–7.3 per cent (80-270 thousand rubles.).

Almost all models of Hyundai in June gained 0.4% to 0.9% (5-15 thousand rubles). Pricesand about 5 of the 16 models Kia has grown on 0,4–1,4% (5-20 thousand rubles). Slightly increased prices Volkswagen — 1-3%.

Much more expensive Cadillac Escalade, XT5 and ХТ6 in June, 7.6–11% (340-646 RUB thousand), Chevrolet Tahoe and Traverse, 1.5 — 8.7% of (55-450 RUB thousand), LC500 and Lexus RX — 0,7–2,2% (43-87 RUB thousand), Toyota — 1.7–2.6 percent.

Traditionally, the prices for new cars increases at the beginning of the year, or the spring and then in the middle of the year. The price increase earlier, slightly above annual inflation. In may growth of consumer prices in Russia has slowed to 3%, after accelerating in April from 3.1%, and the resulting rise of prices may be below the target CBR of 4%.

Sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia in may fell by 2% to 63,033 thousand 130,846 thousands of cars sold in may last year, estimated earlier, the Committee of automakers Association of European businesses.

If we evaluate only the market of cars without a commercial, then according to analytical Agency “AUTOSTAT”, in may 2020, the market for new cars in Russia declined by 47.6% compared to may 2019. The mass segment decreased by 48.3% sold 55 151 cars, and premium fell by 41.6%. Most brands of the Top 25 lost about a third of sales. In the “plus” came only four stamps – Ravon (a growth of 40 times), Changan (+141%), Isuzu (+83.3%) and Haval (+5,3%).

More other sales fell from Subaru (over 70% from may 2019), Peugeot (-74,2%) and maximum fall was observed in the American Ford (-98,3%).

Earlier, a poll of Russians showed that most of them after the end of the pandemic will prefer to buy a personal car, and not to use car sharing or public transport. Respondents explained this by the fact that his car is more comfort and security. It turned out that 52% respondents prefer after a pandemic, to buy a private car, 18% of respondents will travel by taxi, 17% use a car-share, 11% take the car for long term rent. The number of those undecided amounted to only 2%.