Prigogine responded to the

Producer Joseph Prigogine wrote my post with an appeal to the musician Sergei Shnurova. Prigogine asked the actor to first understand the fact, and then to write poems.

Previously, the composer said about the plight of pop stars because of the pandemic. Cords suggested that he has already begun to eat porridge from foliage and bark, and promised to send sausages.

Prigogine angered out-of-context words. Turns out he meant in General all creative people who do not know how else to make money. Streaming platforms are often not bring the desired result. And Cords, joined the Party of growth, has already earned enough and he is attentive to his words.

Previously, the bodybuilder Sergey Glushko aka Tarzan complained that artists (unlike pensioners) now sit without a penny, according to RIA Novosti.

But the musician Yuri Loza was convinced that Glushko and Prigogine disaster. Something they have in store there, suggested tell you about.

the Vine he announced his retirement in 12 thousand roubles is not even enough for communal. But, fortunately, the Internet has the opportunity to earn by publishing articles, monetizing songs, reports “Evening Moscow”.