Prisoners in Chuvashia blinded from the snow a statue of Liberty for the sake of the spiritual health

In a strict regime colony in the town Tsivilsk (Chuvashia) prisoners blinded from the snow a statue of Liberty. This expression of art was held in the framework of the creative contest among the convicts, entitled “Snow fantasy”.

As the press service of the UFSIN of the Chuvash Republic, the event aims to show the creative possibilities of the inmates, their spiritual and moral improvement and social adaptation to imprisonment and the organization of free time.

“Snow fantasies” carried out during the Christmas holidays. The report notes that in the framework of the contest the convicts were able to translate into reality the most ambitious projects with the help of snow and ice, pleasantly surprising the jury with a variety of shapes and the quality of their performance.

among the snow sculptures, photos of which are published on the website, special attention is drawn to the statue of Liberty. Prisoners are also blind dog chained to the booth, and the Nativity scene surrounded by animals and wise men.