Around ten tents were set up on Sunday on the grounds of the University of Quebec in Montreal, in support of Palestine.

The new camp was established on the lawn of the Pierre-Dansereau Science Complex, located in downtown Montreal. It was impossible to enter.

In a press release released early in the afternoon, the organizers of the event demanded the immediate withdrawal of the injunction targeting the pro-Palestinian encampment at McGill.

The management of the English-speaking university addressed the Superior Court on Friday to evict the students who have occupied its campus for two weeks.

“We express our unconditional solidarity with their demands and categorically condemn any form of judicialization of the struggle for Palestine,” declared the organization Solidarity for the Human Rights of Palestinians at UQAM.

The demonstrators are demanding the adoption of an “academic boycott of Israeli universities” by the entire Quebec university network.

“It is unacceptable that Quebec, through these interuniversity agreements, allows students and researchers to contribute to such crimes against humanity,” declared the spokesperson for the group, Leila Khaled.

In this sense, the occupants of the encampment are asking their administration to disclose any links with Israel.

Finally, the group demands the abolition of the Quebec Office in Tel Aviv, which opened its doors last February.