Professional neighbors threaten landlord in Khamovniki

Moscow police checks after beating 12-year-old girl attacked by a professional neighbor. With a concussion the girl was in the hospital. The story of this family “News” is not just. Microdelay in their apartment housing took possession of the raiders. Communal terror does not stop for several months.

– When you own the whole apartment, will dictate, but for now — sorry!

Paul Is charna is a professional boxer and a professional roommate, who survives of the owners of their own apartments. About it “News” has already told. In the summer of 2019 he broke the locks and illegally moved into the apartment of the pensioner Natalia Zasukhina and her daughters. A new neighbor gave communal terror.

– This is my bed! Get out of here, with my bed!

“This is the mafia. Apartment raiders that buy microdolly, expel, kill, threaten. I had so many calls, we will kill you, we’ll catch up!” — says Natalia Zasukhina.

Initially, forty-one hundred shares of this apartment almost in the center of Moscow on the street Dovatora — owned ex-husband of Natalia. He sold her some Akimova, and that Sazonovoj, wife, Charna.

I’m not allowed to come here!

Owning microdelay, which corresponds to 19 square meters is half the room, Czarna and Sozonov took almost the whole apartment and found his door. The judgment of the universe and determine the order of use of premises they have. Calls to police do not help.

– He beat me here feet on the head. And I have a video where his daughter yells: daddy, please, daddy, don’t!

Achieve Czarna and Sozonova the owner bought their microdolly for the fabulous sum of nearly five million rubles at an estimated cost of about one million. And such a scheme they used for the first time.

“They carried out the seizure of apartments and the use of physical and psychologicalpsychological violence against co-owners since 2009! During this time, about 20 apartments were thus developed”, — said the representative Natalia Zasukhina, lawyer Oksana Filcheva.

To Czarna did not occupy the whole apartment and temporarily moved in close relatives of Natalia as she is afraid to live here.

“He tried to break into our area — so we damaged the door. My husband began to drive him out, and he child was hit on the head. Accordingly, the skull concussion of brain, the girl just wrote” — says Oksana Marabyan.

Natalia filed a lawsuit on invalidation of transactions. If it wins, the right of ownership will go back to the ex-husband of Natalia. Then forty-one two-hundredth share try to buy the already peaceful and legal means.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”