Professor Adelman called the timing of the second wave of coronavirus and said, what to prepare

a major New wave of infection by the coronavirus COVID-19 is expected in November-December this year, and it is necessary to prepare seriously. Told about the ex-President of the world Association of doctors, Professor Leonid Eidelman.

In November-December, as every year, will rise to respiratory diseases, so it would be difficult to distinguish patients who simply coughing and sneezing, patients with COVID-19.

“this is a big problem,” said Adelman in an interview with RIA Novosti.

According to the calculations, the autumn wave of morbidity is more significant than the growth of infection after the lifting of quarantine restrictions, said the doctor. In his opinion, the healthcare system must be completely mobilized by November, when the predicted wave of the epidemic will overlap the seasonal outbreak of SARS.

the Second wave of the spread of coronavirus infection in the world, predicted in the spring, has already begun, says Adelman. The number of infected in the world is definitely growing somewhere in Italy and Germany, rising a little, and somewhere, for example, in India, is very significant. Again, there were several foci of infection in China.

And in Israel in early July, the number of reported daily new cases COVID-19 exceeded the March-April. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on 2 July, said: the authorities have to return to restrictive measures.

At the same time, according to Professor Adelman, now will be wrong again to impose restrictions across the country, risking to aggravate the economic crisis. A right strategy of regional quarantines, where there is a lot of cases, not across the country, said the doctor.