Professor Kostinov reported reactions to the vaccine from COVID-19

the Volunteers who participate in trials of vaccines against coronavirus, should pay attention to the reaction of the organism after drug administration, said head of the laboratory of vaccine research Institute of vaccines and sera named after Mechnikov of RAMS, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Mikhail Kostinov.

According to him, should pay attention primarily on the body temperature and redness at the injection site after injection. So, continued the scientist, a slight reaction to the vaccine may be the rise in temperature to 37.5 degrees. If the temperature rose to 38.5 degrees, this indicates a normal average reaction, and the temperature above 38.6 degrees on a strong reaction.

as for the redness, a mild reaction is the red spot at the injection site with a diameter of 5-6 inches. “But the diameter of the redness, and most importantly, the seal must not be greater than 8 inches,” added Kostinov, quoted RIA Novosti.

a severe reaction to any medication should be minimal: one in a thousand or 100 thousand, depending on the drug, said the scientist. The temperature of the reaction should not stay more than two days.

Now, Russia is testing a vaccine for the coronavirus created nits of Gamaliel and the Ministry of defense. You should soon be ready for clinical trials of the vaccine created by the research center “Vector”.