Property in millions of rubles. The court arrested the property of General Arslanova

a Moscow court ruled to arrest the property of the Deputy chief of the General staff of the Russian armed forces Khalil Arslanov. We are talking about real estate for several million rubles, which will be an interim measure in the case of “Fraud in especially large size”. This article is a senior officer.

However, the suspect appealed the court’s decision and because it has not yet entered, reported the Agency TASS with reference to own sources. In addition, specify journalists, Arslanov still serves in the army and from his job not fired, but simply went on vacation.

we will Remind, the consequence considers as the Deputy chief of staff Khalil Arslanov involved in the case “Voentelekoma” when the military bought equipment at inflated prices. The total damage to the Armed forces is estimated at $ 460 million.