FDP General Secretary Bijan Djir-Sarai has rejected demands from the SPD and the Greens for tax increases. “In view of the fragile economic development, such debates are completely counterproductive. There is a risk of a downward spiral of recession and increasing stress,” he said. People and companies need reliable framework conditions, especially in uncertain times.

He criticized SPD General Secretary Kevin Kühnert, who had told the “Spiegel” that one was now in the “unfair situation that we are burdening perfectly normal earned income with additional contributions to health insurance, because the FDP absolutely does not want to impose any excess profit tax on those who profit from the crisis”. He wondered if that could really be the last word of the Liberals.

Djir-Sarai described it as absurd to claim a connection between the introduction of an excess profit tax and the situation of statutory health insurance. “We are already supporting the health insurance companies with considerable funds. A temporary special tax will not help us with this ongoing task, so Mr. Kühnert’s proposals are fiscal populism.”

An excess profit tax is arbitrary and opens the door to a tax policy depending on the mood, said the FDP man. In addition, Germany does not have oil multinationals like Italy and Great Britain. Crisis-related gains accrued to vaccine makers and solar and wind power producers. “One must not forget that high profits are already heavily taxed and at the same time are the decisive incentive for progressive investments in the profitable industries.”