Prosecutors office will check the injuries of dogs in the aircraft

the Moscow interregional transport Prosecutor’s office became interested in the situation with the injury of a dog on the plane. Previously, the daughter of a passenger flying aboard Aeroflot from Moscow to Simferopol, complained that at the end of the flight, her mother received a cage with a bloody pet. Women believe that the dog was injured when carried in the Luggage compartment.

After the relevant media reports the Prosecutor’s office began checking. This was informed in a press-Department service. It is not excluded that it is a violation of airline conditions of carriage animals.

the injuries suffered by the pet, complained to the wearer Instagram Christina Ilyichev. According to her, at the airport of Simferopol her mother gave the kennel with the dog, smeared with blood and dirt. On the face of the dog breed Shiba inu was also blood: the dog has been damaged gums and teeth.

“Mom was trying to figure out who to contact to understand why the dog in that condition was one – wrote Christina. – When referring to employees of the airport, they replied that it was not their problem that you need to contact the airline”.

In the end, the owner of the dog wrote a police report and a complaint with the airline. The dog, according to Christina, experienced a stress, in addition, she required the assistance of a veterinarian.

“Animals should not suffer from human negligence, – said the girl. – We pay for transporting animals in the baggage, the ticket for transporting dogs about cost as much as a ticket to my mom.”

the airline commented on the situation. It noted that the cage with the animal was placed in the baggage compartment all the rules. The official representative “Aeroflot” Mikhail Demin said that the violations during the transportation of dogs have been identified.

“We tracked all movement of the cage, she was gently received, the wheels in accordance with the requirements for transportation of the dismantled. Then she was taken on Board, properly secured and in flight does not move”, – quotes TASS Demin.

Demin added that such incidents sometimes happen: a dog because of the excitement trying to get out of the cage and injure the jaw. He noted that air travel is always stressful for animals.

However, the Prosecutor’s office will check the situation, and besides it – the case of the Dachshund, which in flight aboard “Aeroflot” has damaged the eyes. The incident happened on the plane, flying from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Moscow. The owner of the Dachshund believes that her pet received a strong blow. The woman also sent a complaint to Aeroflot.