Prosecutors seek restoration of the rights of the resurrected orlovchanki

the eagle girl mistakenly recognized dead while living in a social shelter. The Zavodskoy district Prosecutor’s office is engaged in recovery of the lost documents and housing rights.

we will Remind, Svetlana Bakina was “buried” in the fall of 2019. In fact, under the name of Naugorskom cemetery rests the unknown woman. As it turned out, was mistaken in the identification of the dead relatives of Svetlana, taking the other person for my daughter. Light and she was badly injured under mysterious circumstances, and was treated, then wandered. Picked up a girl indifferent passer-by. From this time began a new life.

according to GTRK “eagle”, now prosecutors are working to restore the rights of Svetlana. In the original court sent the removal request from the registry information about the death and recognition of the existing document about the death is not valid.

Senior assistant to the Prosecutor of the region Tatyana Tsukanova added: “Started procedural checks on the fact of destruction of the passport of the girl, her obstacles in using premises, as well as the presence of injuries. The progress and results of the audits are on control in office of public Prosecutor”.

Text: GTRK “eagle”