Proskurin was a man and an actor of wide range

His characteristic smile with a squint and the ability to convey the subtle sides of the character gained enormous viewers love. On 69-m to year of life has become of Viktor Proskurin, honored artist of Russia. His reckless Gene Lyapichev of “Big change”, the enterprising merchant Vozhevatov from “Cruel romance”, English zderzenie twins from the movie about Sherlock Holmes “the treasures of Agra” — these are just some striking images. Viktor Proskurin played more than 120 paintings, participated in the performances “Lenkoma” and the Yermolova Theatre.

a Face, demeanor, the power emanating from inside. To marry a captain Blinov dreamed of, not only the heroine of Vera Glagoleva. His charisma to “punch” the screen.

Honest, principled, reliable — this was in life, signed by each of the five wives.

Over 130 film credits — an ordinary Soviet childhood. The boy from the Moscow suburbs. If not for the drama club of the pioneer may not be pushed so hard in drama school: the growth, said not out, the eyes are almost not visible, it is too simple a person. One answer to the cry of the soul: “Why didn’t you get that?!”, remembered verbatim.

C the fifth or fourth attempt he is still a student of the Shchukin school. In the 19 — film debut. “Orlyata Chapaya”. “Belarusian station”, where almost died playing the episode. And in the early 70s- “Big change”, the role of the careless student of the evening school and the all-Union glory.

a Sense of humor, recalls and Pankratov-Black, talking about the filming of “Cruel romance”, where he played the dashing cavalryman.

In “Military-the field novel” it is approved for the lead role, which then gave Nicholas Burljaeva.

“Difficult but talented”, — said the Director Nikita Mikhalkov.

there was a theatre “Lenkom” he has served for 18 years, then in the Ermolova Theatre, which had RAto statsa against their will. But, fortunately, continued to work in film.

“died a wonderful actor and person. He perfectly played the role of a strange whimsical Englishman,” said the actor Vasily Livanov.

Not really public, in spite of profession, two years ago he accepted the airwaves to talk about the terrible diagnosis and your doctor: “If you agree with some things, then become a prisoner. I wish I still have this trait – they don’t take prisoners”.

the Man and the actor a wide range. Golden Fund of Russian cinema.