The way to Frank summer is almost signposted better than the to the emergency room. The urologist, andrologist and sports physicians at the University medical center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), a men’s clinic. Most of his patients complain about sexual dysfunction. Frank Sommer is glad when you come. Because the 51-Year-old knows that the Penis, other part of serious diseases recognize.

the WORLD: Is it not totally illogical that men think so much about your Penis and your sexuality, and on the other hand, don’t get the idea to leave the genital area properly once through check-in?

summer: no. The men the access they need simply. You do not want to be considered as vulnerable. The Problem is in the Penis is that he stands for Performance. He says: “I’m a strong guy! I can! I’m super! I’m admired!“ And men love competition. Compare your marathon times, their salaries, their cars. You will feel like as the Largest and as one of the winners. This includes your sexual Performance, which is anchored in the male subconscious is strong. If a man has the feeling that he is a great Performer, he is happy and sees no reason to Worry.