Protesters in Britain need to remove the statue of

In Britain, the protesters demanded to remove the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, who is the leader of the Indian national liberation movement. The petition has managed to gain more than five thousand signatures.

the wave of protests under the slogan Black lives matter is a timed movement for the demolition of monuments associated with the personalities “of racists and slave traders”. The protesters also called for the demolition of the monument to the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. For the dismantling of the performers are immigrants from India. In addition, they demanded the demolition of two statues of Colonel Robert Clive, who is called “the conqueror” of South India.

the petition against the monument of Gandhi, says he’s a “fascist” and “sexual predator”. The reason for the negative attitude to the historical figure of steel excerpts from his letters that he wrote from Africa, reports TASS.

the Petition was made by the city Council of the city of Leicester, where is a monument. The Department stated that it would consider the document as part of the broader review of the urban of statues.

we will Remind, the wave of protests engulfed a number of countries after the African-American George, Floyd was killed by a police officer. His death sparked protests against racism.