Protesters seized the building of the presidential administration of Abkhazia

the failure of the Protesters to the presidential administration of Abkhazia, several dozen people stormed the building in Sukhum and barricaded himself inside. Eyewitnesses publish photos from the event.

On the square in front of the administration gathered, according to various estimates, from 500 to 1,000 people who demanded revision of results of the second round of the presidential elections in the Republic of 8 September.

Loser Raul Hajimba candidate alhes of This went to court, but his claim was rejected. Today, the appeal court granted the petition for disqualification of a judge, the matter will be considered again. But it happened after the protesters broke into the building of the presidential administration, through the doors and expired on the first floor.

the Protesters barricaded themselves inside, although law enforcement and the military and did not attempt force expel them from the premises. Reported several casualties in the clashes, but the exact number remains unknown.

Authorities praised the event as a coup attempt.