Protests against racism and police brutality taking place across Europe

In Europe there were demonstrations against police brutality and racism. In Germany in Berlin took to the streets of over 15 thousand people, and in Munich — about 20 thousand. The audience staged a “Silent protest”. They silently stood exactly 8 minutes and 46 seconds — the time a police officer’s knee pressed the neck of George Floyd, until he suffocated.

In France, in Paris, about two thousand people gathered on the Champ de Mars and chanting anti-racist slogans. Work at the site reinforced riot police, reports channel “Russia 24”.

a Similar event was held in the British capital London. She gathered thousands of people. During the demonstration, vandals daubed the pedestal of the monument to one of the most famous Prime Ministers of great Britain Winston Churchill. In social networks, the British are outraged, why the guards are unable to prevent this hooligan action.