Protests in Paris turned violent

People dressed in black and with covered faces rioted during uncoordinated protests in Paris, RIA Novosti reported. Action against racism and police violence began at 14.30 and was held at the Republic square in the French capital. According to various sources, it was attended by 10 thousand people. It was assumed that the pedestrian column will move in the direction of the Opera Garnier, but the police cordon prevented the advance of the procession.

Around 16 o’clock the young men, dressed in black and with covered faces, formed a group and began to throw in policemen blocked the street, glass bottles, containers with paint and other debris. Their provocations were accompanied by the cries of the crowd, “We want to go, let us go.” They set fire on the roadway debris, the area periodically tighten the smoke of the fire, hear the popping of firecrackers.

the Police used tear gas. The crowd stepped away for a moment from the cordon, but as soon as the gas cleared, the bullies came back. Some of them run and try to break the window of the store of mobile operator Orange.

the Protests began in France after a wave of anti-racist demonstrations in the United States caused by the death of a black American George Floyd after detention by the police. Some of the demonstrations were accompanied by riots and clashes with police. On shares in Paris remember not only Floyd, but 24-year-old black Adam Traore, who in the summer of 2016 died during transport to the police station.