Protests in USA will help Trump to become President again

Looting, vandalism and protests in the United States is committed to re-elected incumbent President Donald Trump for a new term. This opinion was expressed by American political scientist George Burmester in the broadcast channel “Russia 1”. According to him, trump is positioning himself as the “last line of defense” against chaos, anarchy and a small group of people who participate in looting and vandalism.

“Call all of these protests by anti-racism is absolutely wrong. As such, racism in America. I am a 40 years life in the USA no racist here not met,” said Burmester.

According to the analyst, the riots in the United States have no relationship to racism. According to him, last year 7.5 thousand “blacks” were killed. Of these, only 9 is “white” cops. “One in a thousand,” said the American analyst.

“There is a problem that African-Americans are killed, but that crime is not motivated by racial hatred. “90 percent of “blacks” killing “blacks,” — said the expert.