Provocation, looting and riots in Brussels do not cease protests

On the streets of London mixed horses and people: an angry mob fought the mounted police, and the frightened animals began to trample all around. The protests themselves continue to be a platform for the unemployed because of the pandemic. The protesters in London, though surrounded by bodyguards, joined by Madonna, and in Brussels in the looting of the boutiques featured local rap stars.

the Brussels riots began after a peaceful rally against racism and police brutality. The collection of ten thousand people — about any social distance and can not speak. Heated speeches, people started to provoke the guards. On the demonstrative attempts to become the new symbol of the protests mounted police was not paying attention — orderly flowing past, to disperse the raging crowd.

Police cars at the entrance to the African quarter of Brussels was met by a hail of heavy stones. They tried to knock the boards — it almost came to blows. Police had to use water cannon. In serried ranks, the guards went on the offensive — the crowd began to run, nearly sweeping in the way of calmly resting on the benches passers-by.

Began to smash shops. In the course empty bottles, broken road signs, chairs. Some points even tried to set fire to. Broken not just to break — in the General confusion began looting, carried armfuls of items, clothing, shoes, jewelry.

And here expensive boutiques to understand, of course, difficult. One allegedly did it because that had accumulated, while others blame the police, explaining that their actions cause in society a reaction. For example, last year in Brussels of a teenager killed in a hit police car during a chase. His parents are still demanding a fair investigation of the incident. But does this justify the massacre?

In Brussels remembered not only about George Floyd, whodied in the United States, but also about the colonial past of Belgium. Unfurled the flag of the Congo and captured the statue of king Leopold II, who for 18 years he owned African colony of the Kingdom. At the end of the evening arrested 150 people. However, the Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes already promised to think it over whether to close the eyes to such meetings in the future, considering the consequences and the current quarantine.