Psychiatrist Ministry of health: drinking alcohol people should be taught

to Reduce the consumption of spirits during the Christmas holidays, the abolition of restrictions on night sales of champagne and soft drinks will not help, said freelance narcologist of the Ministry of health of Russia Yevgeny Bryun. In his opinion, instead of such initiatives to better educate people on safe consumption of alcoholic beverages.

the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov invited the Minister of industry and trade of Russia Denis Manturov to increase the sales of champagne and soft drinks during the Christmas holidays.

the Necessity of this he argued that people need time to prepare and buy everything for the New year. Current restrictions, in his opinion, create unnecessary complexity during the pre-Christmas bustle, RIA Novosti reported.

Brune am convinced that we need serious educational work. It is necessary to explain to people how to drink, what to eat, how often, with what frequency, what tastiness you need to determine in a particular drink. “A drink is wrong, and sick, and die,” said the psychiatrist.