Published a list of 167 passengers of the crashed Boeing

“Ukraine International airlines” on its website published a list of passengers killed in the crash of the aircraft Boeing 737-800. On Board the plane were two passengers from Ukraine. This 38-year-old Elena Malakhova and 62-year-old Olga Kobuk.

were Earlier published the names of the members of the Ukrainian crew of the ship, reminds RIA Novosti. This pilots Vladimir Gaponenko, Aleksei Naumkin and Sergei Khomenko, and a team of flight attendants – Catherine Statnick, Maria Mikityuk, Valeriya Ovcharuk, Julia solohub and Ihor Malikov and Denis Ligno.

taking Off from the Tehran airport in Kiev airliner with 167 passengers fell two minutes after departing from the runway. Eyewitnesses of the crash took off the burning plane, which the pilots were diverted from residential buildings.

On Board were representatives of seven countries. Russians aboard crashed plane was not. 82 of the victims were citizens of Iran, 63 – Canadians. Mainly from Canada was the students who came to Iran for vacation. Also on Board were 10 holders of Swedish passports, four Afghans, three German citizens and three British subjects.

Two people from the flight PS752 on the morning of 8 January declined two people.