the Upcoming December 31 will be for Russian politics the symbolic date — exactly 20 years since the day when Vladimir Putin became acting President of the country. Today, the official website of the head of state began to publish a selection of archival photos and videos, which capture key points of the biography of the Russian leader. Now on the website there is footage collected from 2000 to 2004. A footage has never been published. In the near future they will complement the archive for other years.

Footage from 20 years ago, forever known in history. President Boris Yeltsin transmits power in the country Vladimir Putin. Even the photos show that the process is not quick: the meeting with the administration the transfer of state documents and the “nuclear briefcase”, a joint interview with Patriarch Alexy II. And then acting President of the first President escorted through the corridors up to the porch. Putin admitted he had planned to hear the appeal of Yeltsin’s family home in St. Petersburg, but in the end I treated myself!

– Draw your attention: not a moment will be a power vacuum in the country! Any attempt to go beyond the Constitution in the country will be resolutely suppressed!

As he would say later, had to act urgently. Therefore, Putin is gathering the security forces and right into new year’s eve flying to Chechnya, to Gudermes, where the war is. Because he believes that it is important to be there personally to support the military.

the selection on the presidential website has a huge number of photos and video starting point. For example, these: March 2000, the headquarters of the presidential candidate Putin is watching the counting of votes. First experiences and the first preliminary numbers.

this is the first flight on fighter aircraft su-27. The President decided, as well as pilots, to experience incredible overload. Moreover, as admitted later that Vladimir Putin, he did not stop there — I learned to do aerobatics.

– And I was taught to do “backu”!

And it was then the norm. If the teachings of the submarine fleet, Putin goes down together with sailors. On the submarine “Karelia” he was dedicated to submariners. Before making a parade of black sea fleet ships in Sevastopol, President Vladimir Putin with Ukrainian President Kuchma flies over the whole Bay. There is footage of the first international meetings: with only came into power with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s first visit to Moscow us President Bill Clinton and even walk around the Kremlin.

But during a visit to Japan, Putin changed his suit into a kimono and went out on the Mat. And explained this just so he feels at home.

Meeting with French leader Jacques Chirac in 2001 is beyond the scope of the negotiations — the leaders fished together. And in Genoa the first for Putin, the G8 summit, he and President Bush compare notes.

published by looking at whole frames, you notice that the only meeting the President tries not to stop. Before talking about the development of Omsk, for example, Putin is interested in the prices at the grocery store. Of railway fares speaks with officials on the trains, and the conversation lasts 12 hours!

in early 2000-ies Vladimir Putin is building a new relationship with the West. With Silvio Berlusconi, they are not just colleagues, but friends. Italian Prime Minister arrives for the weekend to Russia, where temperatures over 20 degrees. Around the same time appears to the Council NATO-Russia, where Moscow wants to fight and cooperate.

In the Chechen Republic held a referendum, and residents of the Republic finally decide to move on to composition and the laws of Russia.

Never in Chechnya is not directly addressed to the people. Never asked the people what he wants. We did it, and did for the first time.

With the terrorists gone underground, actively fighting further. But about a year Vladimir Putin has to fly to Grozny for a tragic reason. The head of the Republic Akhmat Hajji Kadyrov explode during the holiday.ICA at the stadium. The responsibility for peace and tranquility in the region, then took his son Ramzan.

Changed the Republic and changed the country. And Putin is trying to catch all the big events in person. He meets with builders, all your favorite actors and never forgets their first teachers. Published photos and video footage incredibly much. All details can be viewed on the presidential website As promised, this will be an archive for 20 years.