Putin and Assad put a candle for peace

January 7, Vladimir Putin went to Syria to stroll for a peaceful Damascus. And not only. In the command post of the Armed forces group in Syria, President Putin has been waiting for his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad.

Vladimir Putin is a political year begins with Damascus. Here now the headquarters of Russian forces who together with the Syrian liberate the country from terrorists.

Next to the presidents, the Ministers of defense: Syrian — Lieutenant-General Ayub — and Russian — General of the army Sergei Shoigu.

Assad continues to say something to Putin on the move, but heard only the voice of the translator.

the delegation is minimal, and when Putin via video link congratulates the Russian military with the recent holidays, the microphone is the recording engineer has to keep the press Secretary of the President Peskov.

“In Syria, you solve problems not only of assistance to the Syrian people to liberate themselves from terrorist groups and gangs, here in Syria you protect your own home, avoiding the infiltration of militants in Russia and neighboring States. I wish you courage, success and good health. Thank you for your service”, — said Vladimir Putin.

aboard the Presidential Tu-214 to Damascus was accompanied by the su, over the airfield, circled combat helicopters of the Russian HQs. But the city is Putin moved to the usual black SUV, and even the streets for the passage is not blocked, the motorcade literally maneuvered between citizens.

And from the Windows of the car were clearly visible signs of peace — entire blocks of homes under construction.

“I was pleased, when he went to Damascus — a life reborn. A lot of vehicles on the streets, shops, cafes, restaurants,” — said Putin.

But presidents surrounded by the military, even water on the table — the brand of “Russian Army” from the commissary of the Ministry of defense. Russian troops from the country while output is not.

“We are moving forward, but things more complicated because face attempts to restore the influence of terrorists. Therefore, I believe that your visit is very important to discuss the obstacles and difficulties that arise in the political process, and to coordinate our further actions in the fight against terrorism. Thank you again for this visit,” — said Assad.

the Russian President thanked the Arab, the Syrian, from time to time uses Russian words. Presidents move in one machine: Putin is right, Assad is left between them – an interpreter.

Damascus, the oldest capital of the world. Different nationalities, languages and religions coexisted here for centuries together. And now peace returning to the streets. The Russian President brought to the local Imam of the Sunni relic — Quran XVII century.

the Omayyad Mosque built on the site of the Church, and that in his time — the Roman temple of Jupiter. There are pilgrims of all faiths. In the sarcophagus in marble columns and green glass — the incorrupt relics of St. John the Baptist, venerated in Christianity and in Islam. According to Muslim beliefs he is also the prophet Yahya.

In one of the minarets of the same Great mosque of Damascus, waiting, when from the sky there will be down another prophet — ISA — and to do this every day especially spread out a new Mat. In the Bible it is called the second coming of Christ.

In Syria, a tenth of the population are Christians in Damascus a quarter adheres to this faith, and even during the war was acting Orthodox temple of Saint virgin Mary. Written by Russian masters of the icon of the blessed virgin Mary — a gift from Vladimir Putin to his Beatitude Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, John the Tenth.

the Only Orthodox Church, where the service is in Arabic. The translator is not always there, but when presidents put together the candles in the temple, everything is clear: it is for the sake of peace in the region.

With reports of the visite Putin to Damascus, the press service of the Syrian President resumed the activities of his locked Twitter account, but after these photos American social network to access the page again closed. By this time, Bashar Assad has held President Vladimir Putin at the airport.

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