Putin and Merkel exchanged views on the Libyan resolution

Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes that in five hours, as agreed with Turkey the agreement, the warring parties in Libya to cease fire.

Speaking at a press conference after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Russian leader said that Libya must make arrangements for the resumption of political dialogue between the conflicting parties.

Putin said that during the meeting with Merkel was discussed including the situation in Libya. “There is, unfortunately, the ongoing large-scale hostilities, terrorist activity, and the economy and the social sphere, unfortunately, for all degraded”, — quotes words of the President of the Russian Federation “Interfax”.

He stressed that this undermines the security and stability not only in the region, the situation has a negative impact on Europe. The head of state explained, what is meant by illegal migration, illicit trade, proliferation of weapons and drugs. Putin called for an end to the armed confrontation in Libya.

Putin also pointed out that if Libya and are citizens of Russia who are fighting there as mercenaries, they do not represent the interests of the Russian state and money from Russia do not receive, writes TASS.

the Russian President also supported the initiative of Germany to conduct the Berlin international conference on Libya. He stressed that the Berlin conference can bring good results only under the condition that it will be part of the state is really interested in helping the Libyan settlement, but also that its decisions will be agreed with the parties to the conflict in Libya.

Merkel, for his part, expressed hope that the efforts of Russia and Turkey for the settlement of the Libyan conflict will be crowned with success. The German side also looks forward to the imminent holding of the Libyan conference under the auspices of the UN, said RIA Novosti.

Putin and Merkel had a conversation in the Kremlin more than three and a half hours.