Putin and Merkel had a constructive negotiation

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the last talks at the Kremlin with German Chancellor Angela Merkel constructive, helpful and informative. The conversation lasted longer than planned – more than three and a half hours. In addition, policy held a business lunch. Then followed the press conference.

January 11, Putin and Merkel discussed both global and bilateral issues. In particular, they discussed the issue of Iran, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, gas supplies and extraterritorial sanctions. The German Chancellor stressed that Berlin rejects Washington’s measures against the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”, and supports the implementation of the project. The Russian leader called this position is responsible and added that Moscow highly appreciates it.

in addition, Merkel noted that countries maintain intensive economic cooperation, despite the anti-Russian sanctions.

as for what is happening in the world of conflict, the parties argued for their peaceful settlement. Speaking about the situation, the Russian President warned that large-scale clashes in the middle East could lead to world catastrophe.

Putin and Merkel was not spared and a nuclear deal with Tehran, which they believe should be preserved.

commenting on Iran, bundeskanzlerin approved the recognition of the authorities of the Islamic Republic in the destruction of the Ukrainian “Boeing” and called for an impartial investigation of the tragedy.

the Website Вести.Ru broadcast press conference.

the Russian-German negotiations said the ex-President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev. He believes that relations between Moscow and Berlin “entering the zone of a good state”, reports “Interfax”.