Putin and Merkel spoke on the phone

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Vladimir Putin on the phone. The President of Russia, sent to Berlin for an international conference on Libya on 19 January. The theme of the conference, a truce in Libya, the reconciliation of the warring parties and launching a broad political dialogue on the Libyan resolution in the UN and were the subject of the conversation between Putin and Merkel.

Libya is still a duality: the West of Libya and Tripoli is controlled by the government of national consensus Fayeza Zarraga, and the rest of Libyan territory — Eastern government Abdurrahman Abdullah al-Thani and the commander of the Libyan Nazaria field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. Since April of 2019, he attempts the assault on the Libyan capital, informs “Interfax”.

on January 12, the parties announced a truce. In Moscow at the Russian and Turkish mediation Sarraj after 8 hours of negotiations, signed a cease-fire in Libya, and the Haftarot from the confirmation of the document was refused.

foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that the ceasefire in Libya followed. And Moscow hopes that the truce will be perpetual.

meanwhile, the Turkish Parliament on 2 January 2020 was agreed to send to Libya of the Turkish army to counter the offensive of the army Khalifa the Haftarot on Tripoli.

Before his visit to Berlin to participate in the International conference on Libya Vladimir Putin will visit Saint Petersburg. In Berlin, Putin will meet with Angela Merkel. This will be their second private meeting in 2020. Angela Merkel flew to Russia on January 11. Most of her talks with Putin were paid to the completion of the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”.