Putin announced amendments to the Tax code and urged not to look back at the scammers

During the meeting with the social workers of state institutions and commercial organizations in the video conference, the President of Russia, talking about the benefits, urged action, not looking constantly for what they can be used by unscrupulous people.

Vladimir Putin noted that the government understands the risks for possible schemes with the so-called tax optimization schemes, but “we need to support law-abiding and respectable citizens, and their majority.”

Talking about the new additional measures of support, the President noted that under his instruction, the government prepared and submitted to the state Duma amendments to the Tax code, and this document was signed.

According to this document from tax on income of individuals exempt all payments for special working conditions in times of combat coronavirus infection.

“This, of course, directly relates to social and medical workers, citizens who take accommodation accompanied orphans, disabled, elderly people”, — Putin said.

“That is required payments the person will receive the full amount without tax deductions”, — he explained at the meeting, which was broadcast on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

in addition, said the head of state, already proven NGOs (recipients of the President, ministries, departments and regions, as well as NGOs implementing services of public utility and social service providers) are fully exempt from insurance payments and taxes (excluding VAT) for the II quarter of this year.

This measure, Putin said, extends to the organization of traditional religions of Russia.

Another measure considered herein is that “means that the business sends such NGOs and religious associations can be considered to be within one percent of the revenue to so-called non-operating costs”.

“That is, the amount of donations will not be counted toward RAthe expense of taxes, the entrepreneur must pay the government”, — said the President and added that the authorities took such a step, “because in the period of the epidemic with the Russian business community showed themselves responsibly, honestly and with dignity”.