Putin announced the change of legislative base of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that amendments to the Constitution enter into force. The head of state said during a meeting with members of the working group on preparation of offers on amendments to the Basic law. The broadcast led TV channel “Russia 24”.

Putin drew attention to the fact that the amendments enter into force without any exaggeration, by the will of the people. According to him, the changes affect each, and the final and decisive word here could say only citizens of the country.

the Head of state thanked all those who made the choice. He noted that a significant decision for those values and underlying principles that are the basis for further development of Russia and its inhabitants as one. Vladimir Putin stressed that the proposals for amendments to the Basic law exactly coincided with the expectations of the people.

the President said that the vote on the amendment showed a high level of consolidation of society on the key issues that have national significance. According to him, the country’s legislation should be brought in line with the adopted amendments to the Constitution.

the President noted that the adoption of amendments require major legislative work. The President drew attention to the fact that we are talking about quality development of the entire legislative base of the country, which must fully comply with the amended Constitution.

the Head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Andrey Klishas said that the bills to implement the provisions of the amended Constitution is largely ready and will soon be submitted to Parliament.

the Russian leader also drew attention to the fact that in difficult conditions the procedure nationwide voting was convenient and safe for citizens. Vladimir Putin thanked everyone who worked on sections.

Earlier Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about the official publication of the Constitution, as amended.