Putin awarded the volunteer Svetlana Yurieva posthumously

the order of the Pirogov Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded 19-the summer student of medical College, Svetlana Yurieva for the dedication shown in the struggle with the coronavirus COVID-19. At the fourth stage of cancer it is until his last day helped as a volunteer ill. The decree “About rewarding with the state awards of the Russian Federation” published on the official portal data.

Svetlana for a long time didn’t what sick told the girl’s mother. For medical help she turned to the beginning of 2020. The girl underwent surgery but then the cancer she has is not revealed. When Svetlana went to the hospital again in early may, she found an inoperable tumor. It did not break the girl. After discharge, she returned to volunteer activities. Activists of the volunteer movement “We are together” was not may 31, 2020. The girl’s name-the volunteer will wear the Ulyanovsk medical College. In addition, the sign “For contribution to the development of volunteer activities name Svetlana Anufrievoy” established by decree of the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region.