Putin called the Polish Ambassador

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Polish Ambassador in Germany swine and swine anti-Semitic. It was about Jozef Lipski, who from 1934 to 1939, he held the post of Ambassador.

Speaking at the expanded Board of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, the President recalled how in 1938 the Polish authorities responded to the invitation of Adolf Hitler to solve the “Jewish question” by expelling the Jews from Poland to Africa.

In his memo paper to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland, Lipski wrote: “When I heard it, I told him, if he does, we will build him a magnificent monument in Warsaw”.

According to Putin, Lipsky clearly did based on the promotion.

“Bastard, pig anti-Semitic, otherwise we can not say, — said Putin. — He completely sided with Hitler in his anti-Semitic sentiments, and, moreover, for the mockery of the Jewish people promised to erect a monument in Warsaw”.

According to the President, exactly the kind of people who negotiated with Hitler, today demolished monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators. Meanwhile, Putin warned that Russia has enough material to not allow anyone to “defile the memory of our fathers, of our grandfathers, all those who put their lives on the altar of the victory over Nazism”.

last week Putin during the Big press conference said that attempts to compare Stalinism with fascism are the height of cynicism. He also recalled that Stalin, unlike leaders of Western States, not mired in direct contacts with Hitler.