Putin commented on the conspiracy theories about the coronavirus

Russian President Vladimir Putin in an exclusive interview to TV channel “Russia 1” said the conspiracy ideas of origin, coronavirus.

“I think we need to counteract what happened. Not rassusolivat on the topic about where it came from,” — said the head of state. Professionals may think, to assume and to estimate, “but it is important to understand what is happening and to build a system of protection.”

“But to say that that special someone catapulted, especially someone who did something for this reason there is no”, — Putin said, suggesting that “nothing good will happen if someone will stick to this version.

“to effectively combat the epidemic, we need to work together and not blame each other,” the President said. “In my opinion, it is necessary to do what leads all of us to get rid of this threat, he added. Here, we will succeed. Not on the path of confrontation”.

the Full interview of President Paul Zarubino can be seen 28 June at 22:00 in the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” on TV channel “Russia 1”.