Putin has signed laws on the Commission with resort fees, drugs, garbage and a number of other

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law according to which the banks will not levy a Commission fee at transfer operators of resort tax funds credited to the budget of the RF subject.

the Law on the introduction of a resort fee was adopted in July 2017. According to him, in the years 2018-2022 resort fee is charged from tourists in the Altai, Krasnodar, Stavropol regions and in the Crimea. Deputy Minister for North Caucasus Affairs Olga Rukhullayeva said earlier that in 2019 as a result of the experiment on the introduction of resort fees in the Russian regions received 863 million rubles, TASS.

the President also signed the law on penalties for illegal sales of tickets to theaters, museums and concerts. Now in the Code of administrative offences is amended to establish penalties that are multiples of the ticket cost. So, the maximum amount of fines will not exceed five times the cost of the ticket for people who are implementing these tickets. For citizens the penalty will be two and a half of the ticket price, for officials — from two to three prices.

in addition, Vladimir Putin signed a Federal law that transfers the date of entry into force of the obligations of drug manufacturers to carry out their mandatory labeling from January 1, 2020 July 1, 2020.

the Head of state signed the laws on payment for negative impact on the environment, which also prohibited the burning of untreated garbage; about the digital notary; about the individual cells of the remand prison for pregnant women and mothers with children.

All these documents are published on the official Internet portal of legal information Saturday, December 28. The President also signed the law on increase of the minimum wage, the resettlement of emergency housing and returning to airports Smoking areas.