Putin held talks with the head of Palestine

Immediately after his visit to Israel Vladimir Putin arrived in Palestine. In Bethlehem, negotiations were held with the head of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas. At the presidential Palace discussing bilateral cooperation and the situation in the middle East.

“I Want to welcome the distinguished Mr Putin, the Russian President, a personal friend of mine, a friend of the Palestinian people, who never misses an opportunity to draw international attention to the Palestinian issue and otherwise provides us with comprehensive support, — quotes the words of Abbas, the TV channel “Russia 24”. — Of course, we need to discuss a number of issues. I mean, first and foremost, Israel’s annexation of Palestinian land, possibility to ad a second part of the “deal of the century” trump — as we know, the first part, the Americans have already published — and the question of holding parliamentary and presidential elections in the state of Palestine”.

“Russian-Palestinian relations have deep roots, — Putin said. — We maintain relations in many different areas. We are prepared to increase this interaction. It concerns the economy, the humanitarian sphere, and this applies, of course, issues associated with the Israeli settlement. I understand your concerns in this area. Intends to discuss the situation in the region as a whole. And, of course, are waiting for you in may this year in Moscow on the occasion of victory day over Nazism”.