Putin: Hitler's Plan Was to Deport Jews to Africa, Get a Statue In Warsaw For His Efforts!

And another statement by the President. He commented on the words by Poland”s envoy to Germany, who promised to set up a monument to Hitler for his idea of deporting the Jews to Africa. Here’s what Putin said.

Vladimir Putin: “What hurt me, let me be honest, is how Hitler and official representatives of Poland discussed the so-called “Jewish question.” Hitler told the foreign minister, and later the Polish envoy to Germany — he directly said that he had the idea to deport the Jews to Africa, to the colonies. Just imagine — it’s 1938, and he wants to deport the Jews from Europe to Africa. That’s extinction, extermination! To that, the Poland”s envoy replied — and then wrote it in his memo for Józef Beck, Foreign Minister of Poland — “When I heard that,” he wrote, “I replied…” — he replied to the Fuhrer, Hitler, “If he does that, we’ll set up a great monument to him in Warsaw”. What a bastard! What an anti-Semitic pig! No other words can be said. He completely aligned himself with Hitler in his anti-Semitic sentiment and, moreover, promised to set up a monument to him in Warsaw for bullying the Jewish people! Such people, who negotiated with Hitler, those kinds of people today tear down monuments to soldier-liberators, the soldiers of the Red Army who liberated Europe and the European peoples from Nazism. These are their followers”.