Putin instructed to expedite the approval of the program of development of the Far East

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government within the next three months to approve the national programme for the development of the Far East for the period up to 2024, and with the prospect for the next ten years, according to the decree of the head of state.

the Document was submitted to the government in June 2019. One of the important goals of the national program, the acceleration of GDP growth in the Far East to 6 percent per year. In the program emphasize the acceleration of economic growth in the Far East, developing the production of export-oriented, petrochemical, aircraft and shipbuilding, agriculture, timber industry, fishing.

the program envisages the development of logistics, tourism, education and health, small and medium business, infrastructure — Railways, roads, ports, airports.

it also Provides for the creation of a comfortable environment for life: the construction of new hospitals, clinics, schools, universities, cultural facilities and sports. The number of old social buildings should be reduced in two times, and the number of unfit and dilapidated housing — 3.5 times.

the program has the goal of increasing life expectancy not less than five years, reducing to not less than 35 percent of mortality of the working population.

Among the goals of the program – termination of migration outflow of the population, the increase in cumulative investment to 800 billion rubles, the creation of at least 200 enterprises in the territories of priority socio-economic development in the free port of Vladivostok.