Putin: it is time to get back to work on amendments to the Constitution

the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on air of TV channel “Russia 24” stated that the country managed to avoid the explosive character of development of the situation with coronavirus. According to him, we return to a normal life, in this regard, you can think about the work on amendments to the Constitution.

During the workshop via videoconference the head of state noted that during the pandemic, the country has witnessed serious developments. Vladimir Putin stressed that we collectively managed to solve the main task, namely to prevent critical nature of the situation with coronavirus. The head of state said that the situation is gradually stabiliziruemost, because you need to get back to work on amendments to the Constitution.

According to the President, since the announcement of the voting dates have thirty days to resolve some issues of a technical nature and not only. Putin drew attention to the fact that it is connected with a return to normal rhythm of life, which is marked by the enforcement of certain rules of coronavirus. The Russian leader said — you need to make sure that citizens are accustomed to new measures to provide enough protection. The head of state stressed that the nationwide voting on amendments will take place using the above rules.

Earlier Vladimir Putin said that the basic law States you need to fix a provision that defines the VSL as an absolute priority of the state.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said, that the President will announce the date of the vote on the Constitution when you see fit.