Putin last time in 2019 was found with the government

Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked government members for working together in the past 2019 and wished all the best in the coming 2020.

“Are colleagues I know from my own experience with you — always on duty, always thinking about what needs to be done in the near future to raise the quality of our work to a new level”, — said the head of state.The latest in 2019 “new year” meeting with the Ministers was held at government House.

One of the main achievements of the Cabinet of Ministers of the government Vladimir Putin called the creation of a good macroeconomic framework for the country’s further development.

“the Government together with the Central Bank met the minimum levels of inflation, which fluctuates about 3%,” — said the President.

In turn, the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev thanked the head of state, wishing him a good rest during the coming holidays.