Putin noted that some took literally the words about

Some Russians words on the reinforced concrete amendments to the law prohibiting the alienation of Russian territory, taken literally, said at the hangout with the group on drafting the constitutional amendments, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. In Yuzhno-Kurilsk on Kunashir island was a memorial plaque with the text of the amendment to article 67.

the amendment to the Constitution of Russia was offered by the actor, Director and artistic Director of the Tabakov theatre Vladimir Mashkov. While Mashkov added that the principle of territorial integrity of Russia should act in concrete.

Vladimir Putin noted that the constitutional provision prohibiting the alienation of Russian lands concerns not one or two but a much larger number of sensitive Russian territories. Call Putin with members of the working group on constitutional amendments was broadcasted by TV channel “Russia 24”.

a Popular vote on constitutional amendments scheduled for 22 April 2020, but because of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 it took place later, from June 25 to July 1. The Central election Commission of Russia has summed up the results of voting, in which took part 67,97% of the voters. Amendments to the Constitution was supported by almost 58 million people – is 77,92% of those who came to the polls. Voted against about 16 million people – of 21.27%.

July 3, 2020 the Russian President signed a decree on making amendments to the Main law of Russia.