Putin: our army is able to guarantee the security of Russia

the Russian army is able to guarantee the security of the country, assured Russian President Vladimir Putin. Such a statement he made at the annual extended Collegium of the Ministry of defense, which transmits the channel “Russia 24”.

“General analysis of the state of the armed forces shows their high combat readiness. All types and kinds of troops are able to fulfil their tasks, to ensure the peace and security of Russia”, – said the head of state.

According to the President, is “extremely important” in the current international situation.

In particular, Putin noted the growing capabilities of Russian nuclear forces.

According to him, nuclear forces “have convincingly demonstrated their increased capabilities” exercises “Grom-2019”. The Navy and long-range aviation fully fulfilled its tasks in the framework of the exercise “Ocean shield”, the President added. During maneuvers “Center-2019” eight States have worked concerted action on counter-terrorism.